Road to Recovery

I’ve been doing 2 yoga and 2 PT sessions with Grant for about a month now. I’m a metalworker in a physically demanding job with 6 fused vertebrae’s in my spine, and carpel tunnel in my wrists. My aim was to strengthen and condition my body to continue my work as pain free as possible. Grant has tailored each PT session really well - since training with him my back pain is virtually zero. He has really emphasised correct technique and posture for each exercise which has carried into how I hold myself day to day. Importantly he’s also taught me how to stretch the muscles that I’ve worked. The first few weeks were knackering but now the sessions feel recharging. Yoga is awesome, sometimes a good stretch Yin session and sometimes Vinyasa and everything in between.

Grants heaps easy to talk with too.

Highly recommended!

Alex and Priya

Himalayan Journey

We’ve always been people who are motivated to do our best at everything we do. But with physical work and exercising, we we're lacking motivation. So mid last year, we decided to join Instill fitness. We are so very glad that we finally made that decision to reach out and start our fitness journey with Grant. He’s been an incredible trainer and we cannot stop but sing his praises for everything he has helped us achieve so far.
Within 3 consistent months with Grant, we noticed positive changes in our appearances and this had a positive change in our motivation levels too. Grant is someone who truly listens to your goals and needs, he makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). He’s also a very friendly and kind guy who’s fun to work with and never have we returned back from training with him feeling drained, but only been uplifted with lots of positivity and feeling good about ourselves. Grant is a great trainer who’s always very encouraging and is quite knowledgeable with what he does.

In the few months that we have trained with Grant we have definitely hit some of our goals and become fitter and stronger. We were able to complete a trek in Nepal witnessing the beautiful Himalayan range and ware amazed at what we were capable of. For this we are truly very grateful to Grant and his training, as this is what truly kept us strong and in good form to be able to tick this off our list, thanks Grant!


Building Confidence

I remember always driving past Instill Fitness on my way home from work and I thought to myself I wish I was confident enough to just give it a go, and I’m so glad I did! I met Grant closer to the end of 2019 and I feel very fortunate to have met such an incredible person! He is an absolute wealth of knowledge in which his expertise goes even beyond just health and fitness.
Grant is not only the best trainer and coach when it comes to the physical education and strength side, but trains your brain mentally and explains everything in a way you want to ‘better’ yourself everyday.
If your thinking of joining a gym please think again! Grant and the Instill Fitness team are the most amazing crew and I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin around a group of people. Grant is not just a coach, but now a great friend, and cares about your goals personally.
I can not recommend Grant at Instill fitness enough! If you’re looking for someone to actually listen and be there to guide you through an amazing journey, your next step is to get involved with this incredible team!